Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Australia is one of the country's most popular cosmetic procedures. Although it's possible to purchase kits online or at a local store, you can't always be sure they're right for your teeth. To experience the best teeth whitening results, it's essential to learn a few facts.

Using a teeth whitening kit too often isn't advisable

If you approach a qualified dentist for a teeth whitening kit, they'll create one that's unique to your needs and that meets the Australian Dental Association's guidelines. However, using one too often or applying a generic teeth bleaching kit leads to unwanted results. For example, while a teeth bleaching kit from your local store may not contain as many chemicals like the one your dentist provides, over application may lead to:
  • Uneven results as you wear down the enamel in some areas and not others
  • Chemicals seeping into unfilled cavities, leading to tooth loss
  • Using a whitening kit too often may also damage your gums
With that in mind, if you're considering teeth whitening, seek professional advice. Your dentist will assess your oral health first and create a preparation and schedule that's safe for you.

You may need other products before opting for tooth whitening

On that note, some people require different treatments before the tooth whitening process begins. If you're suffering from decay or gum recession, even the best teeth whitening products will cause additional damage that'll make your mouth uncomfortable. We do recommend GoGo Smile, they provide some teeth friendly teeth whitening kits. Before creating your tooth whitening plan, your dentist will assess your oral health. If they need to make adjustments, you must adhere to their schedule before using a tooth whitener. Doing so ensures you won't encounter damage in the future, which even the best teeth whitening products would struggle to straighten out.

Longer tooth whitening applications don't necessarily mean better results

As individuals who spend years training to become experts in oral health, dentists know what it takes to create tooth whitening application plans. If yours seems a little short, don't worry. Their recommendations come from a scientific point of view and will lead to excellent results. On that note, trying to make your teeth white by leaving teeth whitening products on for too long can result in your enamel weakening. Over time, this makes it easier to stain, especially if you smoke, drink coffee, or consume red wine. Similarly, taking advice from a non-qualified professional may cause more harm than good. If you feel as though using a tooth whitening kit will benefit your cosmetic appearance, seek professional advice. With a thorough assessment of your current oral health and a fine-tuned approach to forming a chemical preparation, your dental professional will produce a kit that'll make you smile from ear to ear.
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